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​"Making the Wright Connections"

 Jeanne St. Amant returned to her home town ready to regroup after a failed musical career. Officer Daniel Wright welcomed her home with a lecture about speeding. Suddenly her boring home town does not seem so awful after all. After a rocky start, the couple start a committed relationship. Jeanne learns the hard way that Daniel does not have a problem putting a stop to any behavior he finds irresponsible or dangerous.
Trouble from her past follows her, threatening more than her budding relationship with her hot police officer. Jeanne's life is on the line as a serial killer shadows her every move. Can her Mr. Wright keep her safe? Will she ever be able to sit comfortably again? 

This fictional work is romantic and at the same time, full of the humor at which Ruby Caine is so good.

"The Spirits of River Oaks" Series


This is a four book series including:

1) Her Chance Encounters

2) The Royal Psychic

3) Haunting Memories

and 4) Running from her Fate

From Book Three:

Elementary school principal Adrienne Claireborne is used to giving orders, not taking them. She is ready for a relaxing summer, but first she has to deal with the overbearing Chance Breaux. He is obsessed with gaining control of River Oaks, a house she recently inherited. Not used to people telling him no, Chance sets out to make Adrienne change her mind about not only selling him the property, but allowing him to be a bigger part of her life. He figures she needs someone like him to take care of her, since she doesn't always do so, in his estimation. 

 Things only get more complicated when Cherice, the ghost of a little girl, encourages Adrienne to put herself in danger and help the child track down her long lost mother. The ghost of Stanislaus Hymel, the former owner of River Oaks, is sure Adrienne is hiding his daughter from him. Chance soon has his hands full trying to protect a stubborn Adrienne, fight off more than one ghost and gain control of River Oaks. He is determined to succeed, even if Adrienne has to give up sitting comfortably in the process.

A tale of romantic and fictional humor that's a delight to read!

Can Chance protect Adrienne when the past reaches out to steal her away? ​Type your paragraph here.


"Katrina's Aftermath" Series

The cover art for the Katrina's aftermath series. The same couple on all three books. Wearing modern dress.

A Four book Series:

1)  Real Reality

2) Talk Dirty to Me

3) Cajun Charmer

and 4) Taming His Creole Beauty

    From Book One: 

Welcome to  Katrina's Aftermath, a restaurant started after the disastrous  hurricane, a symbol of the dedicated people of the region who rebuilt  after others predicted it could not be done.
Mary Elizabeth, her  cousin and best friend inadvertently stumble upon a woman breaking up  with Everrett Schnaydre while eating at popular Katrina's Aftermath.  They film the scene and upload it before any of them have time to think  better of it. Later on they realize they created a YouTube sensation  called Real Reality. Mary Elizabeth, a respectable Catholic school  librarian, cannot believe anyone would drop a man as perfect as  Everrett. Unfortunately, she does not keep her opinion to herself and  soon crashes, while disguised, one of his future dates, chewing out not  only the woman dumping him, but Everrett for picking such an  inappropriate woman in the first place.
Everrett sets out to find  and punish the culprits who filmed and shared one of his most  embarrassing moments. In the meantime, he ends up dating the Little  Church Mouse from his mother's church. They make a perfect couple but he  feels the need to help Mary Elizabeth avoid her impulsive side. His  research suggests Domestic Discipline might be the answer. He opts to  forget his quest for revenge, so long as the producers of Real Reality  stay out of his current love affair.
Little does Everrett know that  Mary Elizabeth is the culprit. What will he do when the truth comes out?  Will Mary Elizabeth ever be able to sit comfortably again? 

This four-book romantic and fictional set is full of Ruby Caine's special brand of humor. Filled with laugh-out-loud funny moments and set in New Orleans.
 Publishers note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women  and sexual scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not  purchase. 

More by Ruby Caine...

"Meet the Deaux Brothers" Series

A three Book Series:

Book One: Meat Jean Deaux

Book Two: Meet Paul Deaux

Book Three: Meet Eve Deaux

 Twin brothers Jean and Paul run a company which specializes in making  problems disappear. Yet it isn’t criminals or thugs who give them the  most trouble. That honor goes to the women who steal their hearts. Jean  Deaux is a creature of the night, hunting in dark parking lots or  outside French Quarter bars. Gorgeous spitfire Camille keeps showing up  in his life at the most inopportune moments. The brat tries to poison  him, follows him around the dark city, and breaks into his apartment  when she assumes he is not home. It’s time for Jean to take her in hand  before she gets them both killed. Paul Deaux is head of Deaux  Consultants. Like his twin Jean, he concentrates in eliminating  problems. New employee Jayne Anne Richard is delightful, and her  innocence attracts the jaded man. She has a tendency to daydream, but he  is determined to show her how exciting real life can be. Unfortunately,  with reality, comes danger. Now Paul must protect her from the evils of  those the twins’ company deals with daily. Publisher’s Note: These  romances are intended for adults only. They contain danger, suspense,  mystery, humor, sensual scenes, and adult language. If any of these  offend you, please do not purchase. 

This is a tale of romantic and fictional humor that is laugh-out-loud funny and a delight to read.

"Her Man; His Rules"

When I saw her, I knew she’d be mine. We were destined to be  together. My job is to protect her, guide her and ensure her happiness.  She knows this but doesn’t make my job easy. That won’t stop me from  doing what needs to be done.

He’s everything I ever  wanted in a man: strong, loving, caring. My heart only belongs to him.  But why does he insist on total control? And why do I like it so much? I  am a grown woman. I am not helpless. I can take care of my own  problems.

This is the story of four beautiful, often stubborn  women and the no-nonsense, loving men who steal their hearts and would  do anything to protect them.

This box-set is full of four fictional and romantic titles, and brings out Ruby Caine's humor and knowledge of the deep south.

Publisher’s Note: This title  includes four full-length paranormal romances featuring strong, sassy  women and the men who love and protect them. It contains elements of  adventure, romance, adult language, power exchange and sensual scenes.  If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
* Includes: Her Chance Encounters, The Royal Psychic, Haunting Memories and Running from her Fate. * 

"The Conquered" Series with Pippa Greathouse

"The Conquered" series cover art; All three books in the series with couples in the side/foreground. A ship, and a factory and a stagecoach are featured, with the colors of aqua blues/greens and gold.

A three book series that is full of true love, pirates, Captains, Commanders, and Ghosts! 

From Book 1:  Arabella St. John faces a new life, in a new land, as she boards the  merchant ship from England to America. Her father has arranged for her  marriage in New Orleans – to her dismay. She has no desire to be there.  Everything and everyone she loves is in England. The chief-mate seems  friendly enough, but then she meets Captain Gregory Smythe, who neither  needs nor wants women aboard his ship. And he’s quite vocal about it.

It’s  ‘hate at first sight.’
Gregory is unhappy at the thought of having to  be responsible for not one, but two ladies, especially after finding out  that privateers have recently sunk two merchant ships off the coast of  the Carolinas.
 On top of that, females aboard a vessel with an all-male  crew are trouble; everyone knows that. And when food goes missing and a  stowaway is found hidden in his very own cabin, he realizes trouble  follows Arabella wherever she goes. When the only two women booked for  passage realize they are destined to marry the same man, it all seems to  come apart. And that's just the beginning of their troubles! 

These wonderful romantic fictional tales (three in the set) are full of romance, poignancy and humor, set in adventure on the high seas.

Publisher's Note: This Victorian romance contains scenes of discipline and explicit themes.

Book One of: The Unsettling of Golden River, "Being Obedient"

Man and woman ; he's holding her and they're looking at each other with an old western town and the Sierra mountains behind it in the back, in intense sunset colors.

 Three ladies in a town full of men…

The quiet  little town of Golden River, California, has been a man’s haven since  the beginning of the Gold Rush. And that’s the problem. Other than Faith  Bartlett, an older widow who lives outside town, there are no other  women there. But all that’s about to change the moment saucy Obedience  Bartlett steps off the stage along with two younger mail-order brides.

Keeping  three mischievous ladies safe from a town full of men who have not had  their arms around a woman in years? Tobias Madison is the man saddled  with the responsibility. The adventures begin.

And the settled little town of Golden River is about to become quite 'unsettled'.

This delightful book is a romantic and fictional tale of the old west during the goldrush days. It's full of humor and laugh-out-loud moments!

Publisher's Note: This steamy historical romance, set in the days of the Gold Rush, contains power exchange themes. 

And coming soon: Daniella's Story

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