Cover art for "No Regrets".  Couple dressed in 1880's style satins and standing outside. The estate of Pembroke is in the background with sunset colors .

"No Regrets"

"No Regrets"

"If you marry me, I'll want you in my house, in my life, and in my bed."

 Lizzie has known and loved Thomas all her life. But they are at an impasse. Neither of her brothers are willing to run Pembroke in her parents' absence, and it has fallen to her. When he gives her his mandate, she is heartbroken. It seems there is nothing they can agree upon.

Thomas is ready to marry. Lizzie is not. Can they have a future together at all? When she is called to the deathbed of a family acquaintance the day after Christmas, her wrists are clasped and she is pulled closer. The woman stares into her face and says, "I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry." And the woman dies, right in front of her. Suddenly, Lizzie finds her life complicated beyond belief as she realizes she's the sole heir of yet another estate, one inhabited by a 'familiar.'
Thomas is there, although he has no idea if there is a future for them. He's her strength, her rock, and her encourager.

And Lizzie wonders if she'll ever be able to dispel the regrets that plague her.

Publisher's Note: This action packed, sweet, historical romantic mystery contains a theme of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

Note* A romantic fiction, this is the last book in the Strasburg; The New Generation series. It's fulled with murder, mayhem, adventure, and most of all love, in this sizzling and steamy romance.

This is the last book in the Strasburg series, both "The Strasburg Chronicles" and "Strasburg, The New Generation".

The years have come and gone from 1849 to 1877, and the children have now grown up and married. Lizzie and Thomas are the last couple of the original characters; they've known each other, grown up with each other, and fallen in love with each other. But it looks bleak for both of them. Can they possibly make it work?

   This book has been extremely special for me. I cried all the way through it. Each of the characters demanded to make their own appearances in order to say goodbye, and Father Michael wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to perform a wedding ceremony on Thomas and Lizzie. He cried, too.

I hope you enjoy reading this and that it leaves a warm spot in your heart just as it did mine. I love these characters; I know many of you all do too.


Cover art for "Daring Daniella" with an old western town in the background and a couple in the front. He's holding her hand. Colors are pinks and there are mountains in the far background at sunset.

Live! Now, on amazon and Blushing books!

The unsettling continues...


The newest set of brides has arrived in Golden River, and it seems the town is more unsettled than ever. Convinced she’s mousy and unattractive, Daniella Abcott is terribly worried that Caleb is no longer interested in her—so much so that she takes matters into her own hands and misreads Caleb’s feelings for her.

And she’s nothing if not daring.

Caleb, on the other hand, is the strong and strict deputy of Golden River. In love with little Daniella since the very first time he laid eyes on her stealing his clothes as he swam in the river, he’s been determined to correct her mischievous streak. 

Now, however, the town is after him and determined to push him into marriage. His plan to distance himself from Golden River—and from Daniella—almost succeeds. 


Will Danny discover the truth about his feelings for her? And can she accept it if she does? 

Will Caleb admit his love for her? What happens when she runs away from him right after the ill-fated wedding?

Publisher's Note: This historical old west romance contains graphic scenes and themes of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

A sneak peek at "Daring Daniella"


Loud singing erupted from down the way, and Daniella opened the window, sticking her head out to investigate. To her amazement, the crooner was none other than her future husband. "Caleb Matthews, what has gotten into you?" she yelled out before she thought better of it. She looked around for a second man. If her future mate had found the time to go drinking, surely, he had managed to secure someone to perform the ceremony. Caleb stumbled to a stop near the middle of the road. 

His eyes lifted to where she leaned down toward him, and he reached up, tipping his hat in her direction. "Well, hello there, bossy little mail order brat, you." He paused, slurring his words as he swayed again. "Be still, would you? I see you found your room." 

She was frowning now. "You mean our room? Yes, I found it."

"Good of you to wait—up for me. You and I are about to have a very long, serious dis—" He paused. "Dis—" He frowned again. "Talk." 

He looked around as if he needed something to hold on to and managed to right himself. Danny called down to him, "Sir, you seem to have trouble staying upright. I doubt you are capable of finding your way to our room, much less participating in a discussion." 

So much for her concern about their wedding night. She would be lucky to get him up to their room before he passed out. Oh, well, the lady at the front desk thought they were already wed. Taking care of making it official would have to wait until the next day. "Shall I come down and help you, Caleb?" 

"You. Shall. Not!" he announced and almost tripped over his right foot with his left. He shook his head from side to side, before glaring up at her again. "Are you hanging out that window with nothing on?

Note* A steamy romance, this book is the continuation of the sizzling romantic fiction "Daring Daniella" in the series "The Unsettling of Golden River. There are some laugh-out-loud moments, but also poignant and tearful ones, before they reach their HEA.

The second book in "The Unsettling of Golden River" series by Pippa Greathouse and Ruby Caine!

Ruby and I have been writing together for well over a year now; I wish you could join in some of our planning sessions--they're hilarious!!   Some of our books we've written together can be found  in the section on the menu above.  We're not only best friends, we find co-authoring to be a hoot and a half!

Until the release of Daring Daniella, you can find the first book in the series at 

 the link below:

Cover for Night-Silences. A couple embracing on a deep blue background of a parking garage. Font is blue shadowed by white.

Now Live on AmazonKindle Unlimited!

One thing was certain; a small-town girl had no business being here.


Big Crime in a Small Town…

Abandoned in an airport thousands of miles from home with no way to get back, Emmy Reece finds herself dependent on an officer from the Highway Patrol to get her there. Stubborn, sassy, and determined to do it alone, he gives her little choice; she can accept a ride with him and get home safely, or she can sit in the airport all night with him and wait until someone comes to get her.

Jackson Collins has been called on for a transfer to Pike’s Bluff to do some investigating. Human trafficking is taking place there, and girls are disappearing from the local hospital. He doesn’t expect that this young lady will be involved. Incredibly drawn to her, he realizes he’s fallen deeply for her before he even gets her home. Love at first sight, just like his own parents?

Is she at risk? Or is she involved in the scheme? What do the FBI and the HP want with her? Will their worlds collide, or will they come apart?

Publisher's Disclaimer: This action-packed romance contains some graphic scenes and themes of power exchange. If either of these offend you, please do not read it.

A sneak peek at Night-Silences...


Emmy picked up her case to transport it in. Jackson followed her inside. She'd knelt down and crawled under the desk to unplug the power supply when suddenly she shrieked in horror, jumping back. But as she did, she bumped her head under the desk. 


"What is it?"

"A spider—a big one." She gave a visible shudder. "I hate spiders!"

He flipped the light switch on and reached down his hands to her hips, to drag her out from under it. "I'll get it."

"No, just give me something to kill it with."

"Mean little thing, aren't you?"

He watched the shapely little bottom as she wiggled backwards out from under the desk and rose to her knees to glare at him.

"You're not funny."

Lifting her to her feet, he kissed the bump on her head, before setting her on his other side, and knelt down to look. "Hand me a piece of paper."

"How about I hand you my shoe?"

"A paper please?" He knew impatience was creeping into his voice.

She sighed and yanked one off the printer, shaking it at him. He took it. A second later, he stood with it, holding the outside critter. She looked at it and backed away.

"I told you it was big."

"If it had been a brown-recluse, I'd have killed it myself. But it's just a granddaddy long legs. He won't hurt you."

"Says you," she muttered under her breath, watching as he took the spider to the front door and let it out on the sidewalk. "He'll be back the next time it rains, and I'll call you to come over and get him. You can share your apartment with him."

But when he turned to face her, his expression had altered. "Come here."

Hers changed as well. "What? It was just a spider—"

"Look," he said, pointing down the street. "Have you seen that car before?"

She peeked around the door. A green SUV was parked two doors down, across the street.

"No. Was it there when we came in?"

"No. And he's watching the house. Take this and write down the number."

It was the same paper he'd taken the spider outside on; he fought to keep from laughing as she took it gingerly between her thumb and forefinger. A second later, she was writing down the number, and he called the office.

"Captain Emmons please. This is Sergeant Collins." He waited quietly a moment. "Hey, Captain, it's Jackson Collins. There's a green SUV down the street, watching Emmy's house. I just wondered if it was one of Jerrolds' men or if it was ours. Or if it was someone who doesn't need to be here at all."

"Got the number?"

Jackson reeled it off, glancing toward Emmy, who was still at the window staring at the car. But as he prepared to tell her to stay away from the window, she threw open the door and ran outside.

He gasped. "Emmy! Emma Grace, come back here—dammit!" He shoved the phone into his pocket without saying goodbye and ran after her. When he reached the front door, she was halfway across the street. The SUV had taken off and was making a right turn north onto Barron. Jackson grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder, taking her back toward the house.

"Jackson!" she fumed. "Put me down!"

"Not yet." He slowed only a half-second to nod toward the little elderly lady next door, who was working in her flower garden, and took Emmy inside, closing the door.

A sound smack to her backside while she was still over his shoulder caused her to screech.

"Ow. Stop it! And put me down!"

He knew his face showed his anger. "And just what the hell did you think you were doing?"

"Going out to invite him in for coffee, that's what."

"You don't even know who—"

"Yes, I do."

He paused and stared down at her. "Who?"

"It was Gibbs, from the FBI, that's who."

There was a long pause as he stared at her.

"Well, that settles that," said a voice from somewhere between them.

Jackson and Emmy both froze, moving their gazes to his shirt pocket where the phone was.

He'd forgotten to disconnect.

This time, it was Jackson who gingerly brought the phone from his pocket and held it out, staring at it. "Sorry, sir."

A howl of laughter was heard at the other end. "I'll call Jerrolds. And Emmy?"

"Yes, sir?" Her voice was small.

"Don't do that again."

She glanced up into Jackson's face, penitence clear in her own. "Yes, sir."

This time, Jackson made sure he hung up the phone before turning to her. "I want you to know, young lady," he proclaimed. "When I expressly tell you not to do something, I expect obedience from you." His voice revealed his anger as Emmy began to back away. He didn't let her get far before grabbing her and sitting down on the chair with her, plopping her over his knee. A dozen hard swats over her jeans were delivered before he paused and sat her upright again.

Her blue eyes were huge as they met his. "Ow," she said in a tiny voice. "That hurt."

"And it'll hurt ten times worse, if you ever do something that irresponsible again. Hear me?"

She opened her mouth as if to speak, but closed it again. Finally, she nodded.

"Answer me. Aloud."

"Yes," she whispered. When he raised a brow in warning, she spoke again. "I-I mean, yes, sir."

She looked so full of remorse, he wanted to hug her. It took everything he had to maintain a severe expression. But when a tear trailed its way down her cheek, he lost it and pulled her close, folding her into his arms.

"I'm sorry, Jackson." Her arms were around his neck now, and he turned her in his lap, to face him.

He leaned down to speak in her ear. "Don't ever," he said in an extremely quiet voice, "do that again. You scared me half to death. Understand?"

Her face was buried in his neck, nodding.

He closed his eyes briefly before holding her out in front of him, planting a light kiss on her forehead. "I'll unplug your laptop, and you get Mitts."

Note* Pippa Greathouse weaves a well-written tale of romantic fiction in this sizzling contemporary book!

Book One of the "Pike's Bluff" series promises a steamy romance and HEA at the end!

About the author...

 Pippa Greathouse  is the author of nineteen  published books,  including Historical Fiction and mystery, and romantic suspense. She does promise Happy Ever After endings, however., and the romance sizzles. You can find her books on Blushing Books, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and many other places.

cover art for Double-Takes; A couple embracing in foreground. Woods in the background lit up by the lights of vehicles. The colors are shades of purples and  font is dark purple with white shadow around it.

Double-Takes:Contemporary, steamy romance at its finest!!

"This is my house; these are my rules. Understand me?"


Caught in the crossfire.

When a shooter  in the parking lot of the mall causes havoc, Samantha is pulled to  safety by the handsome lieutenant Adam Stapleton. For the first time in  years she feels what it's like to be held in a man's arms again.

But  Adam has his own set of rules intended to keep her safe, which is not  an easy task. She's the object of a murder investigation, of stalking,  and her own home has been ransacked.

The only one she can trust is Adam. 

Will he be able to help her?

Publisher's Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange and suspense.

Excerpt from Double-Takes


The next time he looked back, she’d opened the back door and dragged out her purse, looking down with dismay as a multitude of tempered glass showered down on her sneakers. He ended the call, and dialed his boss next, but as he looked back once more, she’d disappeared. He started back toward the car, wondering where this adorable but disobedient young woman had gone. 

Keep your mind on the present, Stapleton. She’s probably married

He found her, halfway under her car, only the shapely overall-clad curves of her bottom and legs visible. 

“First responders are on their way,” he said, stuffing his phone back in his pocket as he approached. “What are you doing under there?”

“Looking for my phone,” a little voice said from beneath the car. There was a slight wiggle of the delectable curves as she tried to back out from under it, and he tried not to notice—unsuccessfully.

Excerpt 2:


“Don’t pick those up. Just tell me what they say, and I’ll bring them.”

“Nonsense. I’m strong as an ox.” She lifted it, surprised that it weighed as much as it did.


Surprised at his tone of voice, she froze. He moved toward her and took it from her, frowning. “What did I just tell you?”

“Not to, but I’m—”

“I heard what you said.” His voice was firm. “This is my house. I’ll do the heavy stuff. Do you hear me?”

She took a step backward, away from him. “I hear you.”

“Then do as I say.” His voice was not just firm. There was a stern quality to it.

She stared at him, speechless, and blinked. She was at a loss. It wasn’t the first time today that he’d used that tone of voice with her.

“I don’t like being scolded.” She had to admit, she sounded petulant. 

“There’s a way to avoid it.” He moved into the kitchen with the oversized box, setting it on the island. When she didn’t respond, he turned to her. “Some of these are quite heavy. I don’t want to be responsible for you getting hurt.”

“I’m accustomed to doing things for myself. And I’ve handled heavier things than this.”

He leaned one hand on the countertop, turning. “I’m absolutely sure that’s true. And perhaps in the past three years you’ve had to do it a lot. On the other hand, this is my house and right now you’re my responsibility, so these are my rules. Now. That’s all I’m going to say about it, except for this. The next time I see you doing it, I’ll smack your bottom.”

She gasped. “You wouldn’t dare.”

His face was close to hers; quite close. 

“Try me.”

Note* This contemporary romantic fiction is filled with suspense, as well as being a sizzling and steamy romance.

A couple dressed in 1850's old west style, standing in front of an old western town with the Sierra mountains in the background. Colors are of the sunset.

"Obedience? Couldn't your parents have named you more appropriately?"


Book One of "The Unsettling of Golden River" series!

Three ladies in a town full of men…

The quiet  little town of Golden River, California, has been a man’s haven since  the beginning of the Gold Rush. And that’s the problem. Other than Faith  Bartlett, an older widow who lives outside town, there are no other  women there. But all that’s about to change the moment saucy Obedience  Bartlett steps off the stage along with two younger mail-order brides.

Keeping  three mischievous ladies safe from a town full of men who have not had  their arms around a woman in years? Tobias Madison is the man saddled  with the responsibility. The adventures begin.

And the settled little town of Golden River is about to become quite 'unsettled'.

Publisher's Note: This steamy historical romance, set in the days of the Gold Rush, contains power exchange themes.

Note* This  story of old west in the gold-rush days is a romantic fiction, but is full of humor, poignancy, and at times is laugh-out-loud funny, as well as being a sizzling and steamy romance. 

A note from Pippa...

Ruby Caine and I have been writing together for over a year now. She's such a delight to work with,  and extremely clever! We hope you enjoy the books we co-write, because we certainly do enjoy writing them!! 

A couple looking at each other and he's holding her. Dress is 1876 stile and colors are lavendars.

"Katie's Maverick"

"A gentleman? I don't think you could say that about me at all."


Katie Adams felt as if her whole world has shattered when she receives news that Nick Wellington’s engagement has been broken off. Engagement? How could he have asked someone else to marry him—someone she’d never even met?  She’s mad. She’s upset. She’s frustrated. And her roommate, Lizzie, his younger sister, hasn’t even told her about this? 

Katie’s waited her whole life for Nick. And he’s always said he was doing the same for her. How could he do this? When he shows up to pick both her and Lizzie up to bring them back to Strasburg in time for Christmas, she swears she won’t go. No way is she going to spend four days in a carriage staring at the man who has betrayed her. 

What she doesn’t know is Nick’s side of the story. But she’s about to find out. 

And he’s determined she’ll listen to it. And to him. 

Publisher's Note: A sweet romance with old-fashioned disciplinary scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

Note by author* This book of romantic fiction was the second in the Strasburg: the New Generation series . "Katie's Maverick" is a sizzling and steamy romance with a guaranteed HEA.

A couple embracing, Costume is of the old 1880's style in front of a wall-papered background. Colors are muted browns in the back. Font is taupe color with white shadow that says "Judging Cicely."

"Judging Cicely"

It is now 1876... The children of Strasburg have grown up.


​A new generation of Strasburg is in full bloom. The twins of Cinderella and Henson Andrews are nineteen now and home from school for a month. And no less mischievous, to the entire town's dismay.​

 Cicely has loved Abel Carter for most of her life. But last year, when he put her across his knee for one of her pranks on another Strasburg citizen, she had decided she could never face him again. 

      Abel, now known as the firm and fair judge in Shenandoah County, has never stopped loving her. But he’s determined that she will begin to act like a grown up young lady, instead of the impish, naughty child she’s always been. 

      Cicely is determined to please him and to turn over a new leaf, regardless of what it takes. Unfortunately, trouble seems to 

     And Abel is the one person in town who can—and will—see to it that she behaves.  follow her, no matter where she goes or what she does. And when she ends up facing him in court, she can’t believe it’s happening. 

Publisher's Note: This is a delightful story of young lovers, containing sweet romance yet firm disciplining of errant young ladies. If this sort of story offends, please do not buy.  

From a reader...

"~ I just finished this book and am smiling ear to ear. It is well-written and easy to read, but best of all is the humor spread throughout the book. There were some really exciting and funny plot twists, many of which resulted in ladies being pulled across someone's knee. I think this is my favorite book in the series so far. " ~Dyane on 09/28/2017   

​Note from the author*  This book of romantic fiction is the story of Nick and Katie, a sizzling and steamy romance with the guaranteed HEA.



Historical cover for Time for Change; a couple dancing in ball dress for the early 1800's style. There's an old house in the background. The colors are muted pinks and blacks.

"Time For Change"

On the two hundredth anniversary of the New Madrid Earthquakes....


Sadie Malinda Nelson, with her curly blonde hair and light green eyes, was an extremely independent young lady. Orphaned three years earlier, she was about to finish up her masters degree. But she was quite unprepared to awaken in a world two hundred years earlier, on the morning of the first New Madrid earthquake.

 Nothing looked familiar, until she looked up into the eyes of the man who rescued her from the storms and floods. His voice, when he said, “I have you,” for the first time, at once mesmerized and comforted her. She knew that voice. Didn’t she? 

Aden Barrett was an estate owner, who had brought an unconscious Sadie to the house in his arms. Her dress was tremendously unladylike, and when he had to clap his hand over her mouth as she spoke for the first time, he realized this beautiful young woman had a mouth on her like a sailor at sea. 

Sadie was terrified at the thought of having to try to adapt and was determined to get back home, in spite of leaving the family she’d grown to love. She knew Aden was trying to help her. Even so, she was determined not to learn the skills she needed to remain here. And Aden was determined that she would. Even if it meant he would need to discipline her in the process.  

Publisher's Note: Sweet time travel romance, containing strong 1800s style discipline. If this is not to your liking, please do not read.

Note* Because this book was about the New Madrad earthquakes in 1811-1812, even though the characters and time-travel reflect romantic fiction,it has much of the research in it of actual events. Right down to the days of the week in which it happened, the research and facts were very extensive in this sizzling, steamy romance.

Cover art for "Macie's War." Girl in long white dress and long blonde hair looking back at the colonial flag during the Americal Revolutionary War. British soldiers are in the lower background on the right.

"Macies War"

The Nation was fighting for independence... She was fighting for her life!


      ​When Macie Welles followed her aunt's wishes in intercepting a letter to General Howe in January of 1778, she barely made it back alive.  She did not know that she would be captured, trying to hide the letter, by one of General Washington's most trusted and fierce men, nor that she would be accused of being a spy for the British.  Or, that her whole life was about to change.

​     Captain--soon to be Major Jake Wilde, forced to take her into his tent and strip-search her, had no idea, as he looked down into the dark eyes of this golden-haired young lady, that she was about to steal his heart.

Was she truly a spy? Could he possibly save her from the fate that awaited her now?

​     Or was it too late? 

Disclaimer:  This book contains themes of power exchange; if this offends you, please do not purchase or read.

Note* While a work of romantic fiction, this book was filled with factual events stemming from the research on the American Revolutionary War; the battles General Washington fought trying to get supplies for his men in Valley Forge in 1778 during such dreadful conditions; the Camp Followers who stayed in the background but followed their men into battle, trying to help any way they could. Even women who played the part of spies in order to help the Patriots were a real part. The sizzling and steamy romance of Macie and Jake, and the part of her aunt in the book were added to show how women played such an important and vital role in the founding of our country.