Meet Pippa Greathouse...

A variegated tulip in a soft green background.

 About Pippa Greathouse romances...

​     Other than writing for Blushing Books Publications, I have a few other hobbies that I adore; photography, (yes, the photos on this site were taken by me) woodcarving, stained glass , music, and sewing (which I m quite lousy at but love to do! Jewelry making is also one of my first loves! (In fact, if you buy a book from me at a book signing, you are very likely to receive a piece of jewelry I've made, as a gift!)


A stained glass monarch butterfly with lilac and blue flowers.


So enjoy, my friends. Yes, there are heroines in these books who fail to make good choices, and are taken to task for it.  So if the spanking of naughty adult females  is not your favorite dessert, please do not ask for a slice! 


Delicate orange flowers on a soft autumn background of oranges and golds.


* Please, my friends, understand that my photographs are all copyrighted. If you wish to use one please email me and ask permission first. 

Some of my photographs to enjoy...

A close-up of a bright red lily with yellow center; autumn flowers.


White pearlescent sea shell on old white lace.


Autumn colors of trees over a lake with a dock.


Autumn colors of trees reflected in a creek; greens, yellows, reds and oranges.


Autumn tunnels through the trees with yellos and golds.


A close up of sumac in autumn in a crimson red.